Miami Dog Training

When it comes to training
puppies and dogs in the Miami,
Florida area we are the dog
training company that most
prefer. We are the one and only
Miami dog training company
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training in Miami or dog
trainers in Miami give us a
Dog training in Miami that is the
Best dog training in in all of South
Florida. Everything from
obedience training, to behavior
modifications to protection
training. We also can certify a dog
to work as a protection dog. All
breeds and all ages. From adult
dogs to puppies . Weare the best
dog training in Miami. Dog trainer
in Miami that is world rnouned.
Dog Aggression Problems

Do you have an aggressive dog? Is your dog
attacking you or anyone else? Is your dog
aggressive and attacks other dogs. Here at
DogForce1 we deal with these problems
everyday. We are without a doubt one of the
world leaders that specialize in Dog
Aggression. Aggressive dogs is our specialty.

Is your Dog or Puppy driving
you crazy?

- Is your Dog or Puppy destroying your house,
yard, precious possessions, or your sanity?
- Does your Dog or Puppy jump on everyone they
- Does your Dog or Puppy bark at everything?
- Your Dog or Puppy steals everything off tables
and counters.
- Is your Puppy or Dog eating your favorite shoes?

Have No Fear, DogForce1 is here!
Obedience Training Your Dog

Are you having difficulty controlling your dog?
If you are in "that" place of complete frustration
we can train your dog or puppy to:

- Have your dog or puppy walk by your side with
no more pulling.
- Have your dog or puppy obey all commands
when given.
-Your dog or puppy will come when called.

Have the perfecrained puppy or dog by choosing
            Puppy Programs

bring a new puppy home it is very important to start
off on the right foot. With our puppy program we will
guide you while laying the proper foundation to make
your new puppy a long time enjoyable member of
your family
**Richard Heinz is known and referred to by his clients and the Miami Local media as "The Miami Dog Whisperer". However his methods of training are in no way adapted, connected or affiliated in an way,shape or form with Cesar Millan or the show on National
Geographic "Dog Whisperer".
Program Terms
and Conditions
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Now, you can have the well trained dog or puppy
that you've always wanted!
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